Calcium Carbonate for Polymers Plastic

Calcium Carbonate for Polymers Plastic

Polyemers – Plastic Sector

Conia Mineral and Marble Co. is producer and supplier of Calcium Carbonate for polyemers sectorcompanies to manufacture Pvc doors panels windows etc.

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) in PVC-POLYMER PLASTIC SECTOR  raw material source we use the same chemical formulation of calcite, (Calcium Carbonate – CaCo3) that gives highest whiteness feature in plastic industry. And it is the most preferred material. Calcite’s characteristics for the plastic sector, its low DOP absorption and the fact that it does not use expensive pigments make Calcium more profitable. It has a flame retardant characteristic, enhances impact feature, it arranges viscosity in polymers PVC and also it does not contain heavy metals and gives longer usage time characteristics too.caco3-calcite-calcium-carbonate-for-pvc pe pp-plastic-polymer-sector-conia-turkey

Calcium Carbonate-Calcite-CaCO3 for PVC – POLYMER PLASTIC SECTOR also provides very fine granule distribution and it does not penetrate in other chemicals. It is odourless and tasteless because it does not include toxics. In providing heat insulation, it gives better results for plastic. Natural Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) is an inorganic mineral and when it meets organic materials like polymers, since both have different surface tensions, Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) reveals surface modification in order to give better physical values. It is produced by altering natural segments under a certain temperature and applying pressure with reactive monomer catalysts.

calcium-carbonate-caco3-for-pvc-pe-pp-plastic-sector-conia-turkeyThermosets, Thermoplastics, elastomers and PVC compound;  
It ensures better results such as,

  • Purity
  • Structure
  • Fatty acids
  • Lower cost
  • Better surface