Calcium Carbonate for Agriculture

Calcium Carbonate for Agriculture

Agriculture Sector;
calcium-carbonate-for-agriculture-sector-conia-mineral-marbleConia Mineral and Marble Co. is producer and supplier of Calcium Carbonate for agriculturecompanies. Calcium Carbonate for agricultureused for fertilizers, makes the plants much healthier and it balances their ph values. It is very important for eggshell formation and also for bone and teeth development of young animals.

Calcium Carbonate-Calcite-CaCO3 for agriculture sector basic applications agriculture:

  • PH regulator
  • Soil conditioner
  • Seed coating
  • Carriers for agricultural chemicals


Calcium plays an important role in feeding the animals:calcite-caco3-for-agriculture-sector-turkey-manufacturer-conia

  • Proper development of bones and teeth,
  • Regulation of heart rate and blood coagulation,
  • The contraction of muscles and nerve impulses messages,
  • Enzyme activation and hormone release,
  • Formation and quality of the egg shell,
  • Reproductive function (contraction of the uterus)
  • Milk production,